About Us

Established in 2013, Wadis is a private company headquartered in Israel. Its experienced management and devoted staff work together to promote innovative technologies and products for clients worldwide, thus helping Wadis realize its vision of advancing the field of water treatment for the benefit of the global environment.

Key Personnel

Mrs. Riki Gafri – CEO: Ms. Riki Gafri is Wadis’ co-founder. Riki has many years of management experience in the hi-tech and cleantech industries, where she served as a CFO, CHR and business development executive. She also served as a director in several companies, including Millennium Material Venture Capital Fund (MMT).

A software engineer, Riki has a B.A. in Statistics and English Linguistics from Ben Gurion University, Israel, and a M.B.A from the College of Management, Israel. She also holds a Board Director and Corporate Senior Executive Diploma from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Amit Izhar – R&D Manager: Mr. Amit Izhar has over 20 years of experience in process automation, medical devices, pulse power and hydraulics. He has authored/co-authored several published papers on magnetic pulse phenomena and its practical uses. Amit has a B.Sc. in Advanced Engineering and Mechatronics from the Technion Institute of Technology, Israel. 

Board of Directors

Mr. Oren Gafri – Chairman of the Board: Mr. Oren Gafri is an entrepreneur and Wadis’ co-founder. He has co-authored numerous patents and articles in the field of electromagnetic and disinfection systems for water and wastewater. Mr. Gafri has vast experience in business development, international marketing and sales. As a founder and managing partner at MMT Funds (I & II), he led startup companies from R&D to successful exits.

Oren holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Materials Engineering and Business Management. He also holds a Board Director and Corporate Senior Executive Diploma from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Alan Silberman – Director: Prior to moving to Israel, Mr. Alan Silberman was a private entrepreneur in Chile in the textile and agriculture industries. As such, he is well acquainted and highly connected to South American industries. 

Alan is a Civil Industrial Engineer, and has a degree from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago. He also has an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion Institute of Technology, Israel. 

Mr. Alvaro Sostin – Director: Mr. Alvaro Sostin is the CEO of WadisLatam, a company based in Chile.  After working for 25 years in the consulting and airline industries, he founded Art2Fly, Art2Travel and DeltaPricing, companies that provide e-commerce and revenue management services to the travel industry. He is also a board member at Cumplo, the leading peer to peer financing platform in Latin America.

Alvaro is a Civil Industrial Engineer with a degree from Universidad Catolica PUC in Santiago. He also holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Stanford University.